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Are you familiar with this problem? Did this already happen on your computer? This problem is natural in storage devices. As an inexperienced user, you might freak out when this problem occurs in your device. But no worries, we’ve got a solution to your question.


We saw that in Bangladesh, people are mostly dependent on portable storage devices such as USB drives, Memory cards, and so on. For example, we save phone numbers of friends and families in mobile phones for our comfort’s sake and they choose to store important documents related to business, confidential files, and many photos to an external drive.


But somehow, if you lost all this data, then go to the data recovery center near you to retrieve the lost data. But if you do not want to go to any center, then we will introduce you with a few ways how you can retrieve data on your own.


In this corrupted data recovery review, we will try to inform you how you can recover your lost data.


How to recover data by yourself


Now we will discuss how you can recover corrupted data on your own. You can retrieve corrupted files from USB drives and MiniTool is an excellent choice for you to recover data.


Now you must be thinking why MiniTool is excellent for you. MiniTool is an easy tool to use and convenient operation; it provides high recovery rates. According to the users of MiniTool, this free tool is the best recovery software they’ve used so far.


The functions of MiniTool helped a large number of people to get back their corrupted data safely.


As it seems very incredible, now you should download this software to experience the performance before buying a license.


Few essential things to know before recovery

  • This tool is perfectly suitable for windows users only. Mac users should get a mac data recovery tool.
  • The free version of this tool is only useful for 1 GB data recovery. You will need a paid version to get back data over 1 GB.
  • Please do backup in all existing data in your disk too.


How to get back data by using this tool


This tool is a fantastic tool to use for getting back all lost data from USB drives. Here is the process of how you can get back data by using this tool:

  1. Find out first, the specific use behind each functional module.
  2. Please choose a suitable module for your problem by clicking on it.
  3. Click on the scan option after selecting the particular file where your lost data are stored in USB.
  4. Select the particular data you want to retrieve in your device.
  5. In the end, click to save to restore data.





When you are faced with a corrupted data loss problem, then MiniTool should be your first option to recover data. This tool is a reliable tool and a user-friendly solution. Even though data recovery prices in Bangladesh may be a little bit high in shops, this tool is willing to help you at low prices.


In the above-corrupted data recovery review, we’ve tried to inform you how you can recover lost data from your USB device. If you want to visit recovery shops, then there are a lot of data recovery centers available in the Dhaka area. We hope we were able to help you with a solution to your problem.

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