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Are you worried that you accidentally or intentionally deleted a media file, but you didn’t know you might need it later? Nowadays, in Bangladesh, people use digital media as a source of communication. The format of every media is now in digital format. There are various reasons why digital media can get deleted from your device mistakenly.


But there is a true fact that even if media files get deleted or lost, they aren’t permanently deleted from your device. When you delete a media file, it gets excluded from the index, and all the data become hidden and remain as inaccessible files. That means if you want, then you can retrieve all the deleted media.


In Bangladesh, there are lots of data recovery centers available. Still, if you want to reduce expenses, you can do it with the help of data recovery software. In this digital media recovery review, we will inform you how you can do it by yourself.



How can people recover digital media?


After deleting the media file, you might think that you will need this media file later. But the good thing is they don’t get deleted permanently; they stay somewhere in your device hiddenly and as inaccessible files.


You can get all this file back with the help of data recovery software. The data recovery software price in Bangladesh may feel slightly high, but it is worth investing some money in it.


How to recover data with the help of data recovery software?


  1. Download Remo Photo Recovery software and run it into your device.
  2. After launching the media recovery software, you will see this three option:
  • Recover files.
  • Recover media.
  • Recover partition.
  1. Select a particular option according to your problem.
  2. Click on the storage device and then click on the scan option.
  3. Remo media recovery software will show the deleted media files after complete scanning.
  4. Having a preview, you can check the status that is of the recovered media file.
  5. Select a place in storage where you want to retrieve all the data.
  6. Click on the save option.


This method is an easy way to recover your lost digital media files.




Remo Digital media recovery software can scan algorithms in your device. These algorithms are manufactured to examine the hard drive’s storage areas. So, when you press on the scan option, Remo Recover software starts scanning your device’s engine.


It will access the particular storage areas to search for lost data. When it finds all the deleted data, it displays them on the screen. Select the data you want to retrieve then select the location in your storage. Now save them again in your device.





In the above digital media recovery review, we’ve tried to help you in recovering your media file and show you an easy way to do it. Still, if you don’t want to use this data recovery software, you can visit any hard disk service center in Dhaka. We hope we were able to help you with a solution to your problem.

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