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Lost partition recovery review, Lost partition recovery, data recovery in bangladesh




Did you accidentally delete your partition data, or you lost partition by data corruption? There are a few reasons why partitions may be lost or deleted. Usually, when your device loses partition, it starts to show an error message, and you might end up with a question “what happened?”


In Bangladesh, there are many hard disk service centers where you can fix lost partition problems. But here is good news for you, if you act quickly after detection that a partition is lost, you will be able to recover the deleted partition. In this way, you can recover the lost partition by yourself.


In this lost partition recovery review, we will inform you how you can recover your lost partition.


Partition recovery in manual mode


It’s natural that you mistakenly delete a partition that you need. You may accidentally delete all partitions when you want to delete a particular partition. Even it can happen by experts. Sometimes the partition can be lost by a virus or a faulty disk operation. Sudden power failure and bad sectors of the disk are also responsible for damaging partitions.


The data recovery price in Bangladesh might be a little high. So if you don’t want to invest some money in recovering partitions, you can do it yourself. Now have a look in the down below to know how you can retrieve the lost partition.


You can recover partition in manual mode if you want to maintain more control over the recovery.


Step 1

  • Go to the window of recovery mode and choose the manual.


Step 2

  • Go to the unallocated space selection window. Now select unallocated space where the deleted volumes are stored. If you can’t find the option of deleted volumes, select all the unallocated spaces in the basic disks.


Step 3

  • In the panel of the search window, you get two mode choices for how to search: fast mode and completed mode.


The fast mode can check on each side of selected disks. It takes less time and can find out every deleted volume. And the complete method also can check selected drives, but it checks more thoroughly, and it takes time to show you the results.


Step 4

  • Now scan all the selected disks for the deleted volume. When all deleted volumes list is displayed, select the specific partition to change its status to undeleted.


Step 5

  • Now check to make sure all the undeleted volumes are in its right place in the hard disk structures. If everything is OK, then click Next.


Step 6

  • To start recovery volumes, click on the proceed option.


That’s how you can retrieve lost partitions in manual mode.





In the above lost partition recovery review, we’ve tried to inform you how you can recover lost partitions in your device. There are a lot of data recovery centers available. Still, if you want to do it by yourself, then this recovery method is for you. We hope we were able to help you find a solution for lost partition problems.

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