Data Recovery

Type 1
Basic Recovery

Starts from 2500TK/US$35*

* If HDD is in 100% Working Condition/Good, And No Bad Sectors Exist, Deleted/formatted/virus attack etc

Type 2
Minor Recovery

Starts from 5000Tk/US$65

Type 3

Starts from 25000Tk/US$350

Type 4

Starts from 25000TK

Type 5
RAID Server

Starts from 50,000TK

Additional Charges
(Following Charges are Non-Refundable)

Analysis Fee:

  • SAS/SCSI HDD – 2500TK
  • NAS/SAN –  2500TK
  • DVR/NVR/CCTV –  2500TK
  • Miss-handled/Tempered HDD = 5,000BDT + Equivalent cost of a DONOR HDD. (If applicable)
  • Express/Emergency Service Charge = Minimum 5,000TK and/or 30% whichever is higher will be applicable additionally, Also, If it is Weekend/Out of Office Hour, You must make sure to pay in advance TK5000 as non-refundable cost to cover the over-time which shall me confirmed to pay by any online method as confirmation so that we can arrange our staff accordingly

Common Pressure By Customers

Que: I need emergency service, please can you do it? Ans: We treat our all clients equally, that’s why it’s dealt as first come, first serve basis. We request you to co-operate with us. If you still need the service emergency, please follow the above conditions accordingly

# You must collect your HDD/Data within 15 working days effective from the date we complete the job and inform you about the status. After the time period, we will destruct HDD/Data permanently.
# This is standard service charge for your reference only based on single type failure, it may vary based on extent of damage.
# You must pay 50% in advance of the quoted service charge, rest payment will be adjusted during the delivery.
# You must provide backup storage at your own cost, we may buy for you but the cost will be added.
# If the recovery is unsuccessful, then we will not charge anything except donor drive cost. (All cases doesn’t require DONOR HDD)
# The pricing is declared based on single HDD only, SAS HDD, RAID Recovery will have different pricing, discuss us first.

Standard Process:

1. We will receive the HDD with the applicable non-refundable fee. We will check the HDD to determine the problem (1-4 days), then we will quote you the charge as well as will inform you approximate recovery time.
2. If you agree, then pay 50% advance so that we can start the recovery process, If disagree, then collect back your HDD.
3. We will proceed to recover and will send/show you recovered file or file list, then if you are satisfied, then collect data and pay for the associated expenses (if applicable). If not satisfied because of partial recovery or no recovery, case close and we will refund you full amount you paid except associated expenses for donor drive cost (if applicable).

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