Recovery Data After Reinstalling Windows Review

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Recovery data after reinstalling windows review, Recovery data after reinstalling windows, data recovery in bangladesh




If you are worried about how you can get back all the data after reinstalling your window, then you are in the right place. In this recovery data after reinstalling windows review, we will meet you with a few methods that will help you to retrieve data after reinstalling.


Windows data don’t get deleted permanently after reinstalling windows. That means you can restore data after reinstalling windows by using a free method or by an automated windows data recovery software. In this article, we will mention a few useful techniques on how to restore data in your device.


Can people recover data after reinstalling windows?


While reinstalling the windows system, you may suddenly be reminded about some relevant documents that are in your device. However, documents and settings will be stored in the system partition as deleted files while reinstalling windows.


But it depends on you the way you used to reinstall windows. There are two different processes of how you can reinstall windows:

  • It will delete all the files on your device if you choose a clean install.
  • Still, it will remove all your data and files to complete the reinstall process, even if you do not choose a clean install.


Thankfully, all these deleted files are recoverable if they don’t get overwritten by new data. But if it gets overwritten, then there will be no ways to get it back.



How to recover data after reinstalling windows


After reinstalling windows, data and files may not get deleted permanently. Lost data and files can restore by applying a few methods. In this section, we will show you 2 useful ways to retrieve your lost data after reinstalling windows:


Method 1: Recover data after reinstall with EaseUs data recovery software


EaseUs data recovery software can restore your data after reinstalling as long as it does not get overwritten. This software helps to get back deleted data, formatted data, RAW partition recovery and so on. How you can recover data after reinstalling windows are given below:

  • Select the drive on which you want to scan for deleted data. Click on the scan option.
  • After complete scanning, choose the files that you want to restore from the scanning result.
  • Click the particular files to see the preview.
  • Click on the recover option to recover all the data. Be careful and do not save data on the source disk to avoid data or files overwriting.


Method 2: Restore to recover lost data with windows backup


If there is no backup recovery not available in your device, then a data recovery tool is another option for you. But if you have the backup system available in your device, then you can restore data by applying the following steps:

  • Go to settings and select updates and security.
  • Go to the backup option.
  • Choose more options, you will find this option under back up using the file history option.
  • Go down and select files in order to recover it.
  • Select the file that you wanted to restore again in your device.
  • Select the restore option to recover data.





In the above recovery data after reinstalling windows review, we’ve tried to inform you how you can recover lost data from your computer device or by using a software. If you want to visit recovery shops, then there are a lot of data recovery centers available in the Dhaka area. We hope we were able to help you with a solution to your problem.


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