Tape Data Recovery Review

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Tape data recovery review, Tape data recovery, data recovery in bangladesh




Your tape drive can be damaged for various reasons, but there might be some important files and data stored which you need. Now you must be worried about how you recover them from your damaged tape drive.


In this tape data recovery review,  we will give you essential information on how you can restore data from your damage tape.


How to recover data from the damaged tape drive


If your device tape is damaged and you want to recover data from it, then it is possible with software. The name of the software is the tape data recovery software. This software is easy to use and designed in a simple way, for which you don’t even need specific knowledge to use it.


Tape data recovery is a powerful tool that recovers all the data from your damaged tape. This tool is a reliable and useful tool for you, which supports you in recovering data from any format tape drives. This tool can quickly scan the selected folders to save your valuable time. The process of recovering data is accurate and comfortable with the help of this excellent tool.


Here some of the common causes of why tape data failed will be given below:

  • It can be damaged by heat and smoke.
  • Water damage is another reason.
  • Cartridge dropping can cause damage in tape.
  • Frequently software upgrades.
  • Loss in the tape drive.
  • Virus attack.
  • Systematic problems.


How to recover data from tape by using tape data recovery software


There are several types of tape cartridges available. In the present market, you will find a lot of data recovery software from tape, such as AIT, DLT, LTO, DAT, etc. all these software have massive storage capacity at a low price in Bangladesh. But tape cartridges are susceptible to corruption and damage that can cause a significant situation in the organization. That’s why the tape data recovery is best for you.


How you can recover data by using this software, read down below to know:

  1. Download the software and run it on your computer.
  2. Click on create an image button to create an image of the drive.
  3. Select your tape drive.
  4. Click on the save option to restore data.
  5. Scan your rape device.
  6. From the scanning result, click on the save file option to collect data.
  7. Choose the location for saving or restoring data and files.
  8. Click on ok to finish the data recovery process.


This tape recovery software is proficient at retrieving data from all formats of the tape drive. It takes little time to recover data from the damaged tape. It can recover all data from the damaged tape drive without working hard.


Its scanning system is different from other software. It displays its scanning result in a tree structure, for which it is easy to identify the data that you want to restore without reviewing it twice. The overall function of this software is effortless to use, and you do not need any specific knowledge to use it to launch it in your device.


Final Thoughts


In the above tape data recovery review, we’ve tried to inform you how you can recover data from your damaged tape drive. You can also visit any data recovery centers near you. We hope we were able to help you with a solution to your problem.


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